We have our full Sunday activity with Sunday School at 9:30 AM and Worship at 10:30 AM.  We have an online recorded sermon, that will be available through YouTube, a link that is available at this website.  It will be recorded and therefore available for viewing at any time.  We have a TV set up in the Fellowship Hall, to provide further distancing.  If you are not in good health then please remain at home.  


If you view the sermon online and would like to give to our ministry, you may send your offering to our Church treasurer Nancy Sowl at P.O. Box 281 Henderson Ne., 68371.  

Prayer Requests: 

Pray for Loris as her husband Charles is in intensive care after surgery for colon cancer.

Pray for our country that the spread of the COVID virus will be stopped.  That our country would come to repentance and return to being a Christian country. 

Sunday School for all ages -  9:30 AM

Sunday Worship -                 10:30 AM

Current Sermon Series on the book of I Corinthians 


Lessons on the book of Judges of the Take Home Bible Study are available in the

Fellowship Hall or can be obtained by email, send a request to gak4850@gmail.com.