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We have our full Sunday activity with Sunday School at 9:30 AM and Worship at 10:30 AM.   If you are not in good health then please remain at home.  

Special Announcement: 

Praise the Lord, He has provided us with a new pastor,  Bill Stearns along with his wife Natasha.  He will begin his ministry here the first of July and July 2 will be his first Sunday, Lord willing.  

Pastor Greg and Lois will be moving back to Omaha May 23rd, the official last Sunday is the 28th, but will return to fill the pulpit through the month of June, Lord willing.    


Prayer Requests: 

That our country would come to repentance and return to being a Christian country. 

Pray for Sherrill Davis in the hospital at Bryan East in Lincoln awaiting heart surgery.  


​We will be looking at selected texts from the book of Ephesians on Sunday morning until we move back to Omaha, Lord willing.  


Lessons on the book of Daniel of the Take Home Bible Study are available in the Fellowship Hall or can be obtained by email, send a request to  

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