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Ask the Pastor 107

Can God create a rock so big that He cannot pick it up?

This is a question that is typically asked in a philosophy class for the purpose of challenging the existence of God. If the answer is either yes or no then there is something that God does not have the power do and therefore, He is not omnipotent there is no God. In the mind of the non-believer this is a perfectly logical question but in the mind of the believer it is nonsense. However, let us think logically and break this down. First, the argument of the believer is that God can do anything that is logically possible to do within His own creation. For example. it is not possible to smell the color blue, to put a round peg into a square hole, these are things that are contrary to one another by definition and cannot be done. It is not possible to conceive of a rock that is too big for God to pick up. How big would such a rock be? What would be its dimensions, its weight etc.? And where would you put it, is there any place in the universe big enough for such a rock? The answer to these questions makes the question an absurdity, there cannot be such a rock. Since such a rock cannot exist, then whether or not God can pick it up is negated. God can do everything that is logically possible to do within His own created universe even those things that are impossible to mankind. Therefore, God is the greatest possible being in the universe and there is nothing greater than Him. Better still, it is possible to know this great, omnipotent God through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

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