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Ask the Pastor 131

Are we living in the last days?

The Church has always believed that it was living in the last days, from the time of Apostles up to the present. This is what is meant by the doctrine of the Imminent Return of Christ. As we noted in the last article the first stage of what is known as the Day of the Lord; is the rapture of the Church, the second stage is the great tribulation lasting for seven years; the third stage is the return of our Lord to set up the millennial kingdom over which He will rule for one thousand years. The signs of the times given in the Scriptures in both the Old and the New Testament refer to the Day of the Lord which includes all three of these stages. Therefore, we know that the days leading up to the rapture will be days of continual spiritual decline and the increase of those who do not believe. There will be wars and natural disasters occurring on a regular basis. Over the past the United States has been the bastion for Christianity and that is no longer true as the U.S. has become a post-Christian country. The world is now in a constant state of war and natural disasters occur frequently under the heading of climate change and the thinking that it can be remedied through the efforts of mankind. In both our education system and our government there is the philosophy of tolerance and inclusion without any consideration of sin and righteousness, anything goes and mankind does whatever is right in their own eyes. A one world government is an acceptable concept and will soon become a necessary one which will set up the appearance and rule of the antichrist. During the tribulation the Jews will worship in their temple and that temple has been designed, the furniture necessary, is ready to be put into place and soon construction will begin. It is close to 2,000 years since our Lord died, rose from the dead and went to glory with the promise of His soon return. The stage is set, in accordance with prophecy, that His coming for His own and the beginning of the great tribulation is indeed imminent. Even so come Lord Jesus!

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