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Ask the Pastor 141

What is the leadership model for Pastors and Elders?

There have been many books written about leadership and leadership models. When we break down all the psychological stuff and get to the very basics, we see two types of leadership with the servant leader as a third alternative. The first, is leadership based upon reward. If you do what is right or do a good job, you will be rewarded. On the job this can mean a promotion with more money and prestige. Some people think that living a good life will give the reward of everlasting life in heaven, which is not true because heaven is given as a free gift of grace. The second type of leadership is the threat of loss, on a job you can lose your job or be demoted and suffer a loss of money and prestige. In society there are a number of ways in which you can be rewarded for doing good or suffer loss for not doing good. Leaders in these two models are constantly either holding out the promise of reward or the threat of loss. There are many times where the leader will promise a reward but not deliver, because the leader is dishonest. The Servant Leader model does include reward and loss but the servant leader is honest and will use his service and humble attitude to lead by example. People will find reward in the service that is rendered to them but will only suffer loss when they refuse that service. Soon, a large percentage of those being led, seek to follow that example and lead others in the same manner. The reason why this model works so very well is because it promotes servant leadership throughout the society, this includes the community of the church. As the pastor and elders lead as servants, the rest of the congregation will seek to follow their example and the church will become one where every member is seeking how they might serve others and help them to become what the Holy Spirit intends for them. “…but through love serve one another.” (Galatians 5:13).

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