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Ask the Pastor 155

What might bring about the fall of the U.S.A.?

I submit that there are 3 main issues which will bring about the fall of America. Each of these 3 have a direct adverse effect on the primary institutions that make up a society, especially the foundational institution of the family. The first issue is the gradual departure of this country from biblical Christianity. The key word is biblical, as so much of what is called Christian is not found in the Bible. The Church is not run by the vote of man as to what is to be done and what is right or wrong, but by the Word of God which is discerned by those who have been set aside by the Holy Spirit to provide biblical leadership. What is true is not according to whims and changes of a society but by the absolute teaching of the Bible. The second issue is that of morality. This is directly related to the first issue, because morality is not continually changing with the evolution of mankind and society but is based upon the absolute teaching of the Bible. Even a cursory look at history will show that when a nation’s morality compromises the morality of the Bible, that nation falls from the inside out. Immorality destroys the family and the destruction of the family rots out the foundation of a nation. The third issue is that of socialism. Marx and Engle are considered to be the founders of socialism where everyone is reduced down to the same level of social and economic status, in other words, everyone is poor. Marx and Engle made it clear that socialism is based upon atheism, because in socialism there cannot be any absolutes or any such thing as private property, included a husband and his wife or a wife and her husband. As this country continues to move away from the clear teachings of the Bible and embraces all forms of immorality and socialism, it is making its way toward its ultimate destruction. The only possible way to prevent this, is to make America Christian again!

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