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Ask the Pastor 70

Does a mother have the right to kill her unborn baby?

This question is closely related to one from last week, in dealing with the issue of abortion and the value of human life. Those who defend abortion contend that a woman has a right to do with her own body as she wills. The word abortion is used to disguise what is really going on. The word abort simply means to deliver before its due. A military mission may be aborted which means that they called off the mission before they actually carried it out or before it was due. A baby can and has been aborted alive, an abortion, in and of itself, does not cause the death of the child. There must be a procedure to kill the baby and then abort it, otherwise known as murder. Now as to the right of a mother to do with her own body whatever she wills, the baby is not her body. If a woman decides to have her tonsils taken out or has an appendectomy, or has an arm cut off, those body parts have the same DNA code as the rest of her body. A baby, however, from the moment of conception has his/her own individual DNA and many times even has a different blood type and can be a different gender. The chromosomes of a baby come from both his/her mother and father to make up one new and individual person. If women really want to have freedom of choice, then their choice needs to be made before conception. Once a child is conceived, to kill the baby is to murder a unique and innocent person. One has to pause and ask, what kind of society condones the murder of a child while in what should be the safety of their mother’s womb? Those who have believed on the Lord Jesus understand the value of human life and that a society that values life over death is better for it.

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