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Ask the Pastor 38

What is Socialism?

Socialism consists of 3 major principles. The first, is atheism, there is no God or force outside of nature. The material world is the only reality and it has evolved so that life came from non-life and complexity came from chaos without divine intervention. The second, is mankind is basically good, mankind is not in need of redemption from an outside source but is capable of redeeming himself through evolution and the dialectic. Humans will naturally work and willingly contribute their earnings to a common pot that will support society, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need”. The third, is socialism is the next step to communism, in the dialectic capitalism will change to socialism, then socialism to communism, then communism to utopia. The problem here is that communism does not change to utopia but to chaos and human life is expendable with the result that the solution to social problems will lead to the death of the innocent (such as abortion). Obviously, biblical Christianity stands in stark contrast to socialism beginning with theism, that there is a God and each one of us are made in His image and are responsible to Him to obey His Word. This obedience begins with “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ” (Acts 16:31).

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