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Ask the Pastor 49

Why is the teaching of Jesus better than Hindu Gurus ?

There are many different sects and differences of opinion among the Hindus but there are certain things that they all have in common. They teach that man is in need of liberation from the endless cycle of reincarnation which is brought on by karma, the effects of words and deeds from previous lives. This is accomplished through following one of three disciplines: (1) Jnana Yoga – salvation by knowledge of the ancient writings and inward meditation, (2) Bhakti Yoga – salvation by devotion to one of the many Hindu deities, (3) Karma Yoga – salvation by works, such as ceremonies, sacrifices, fasting and pilgrimages. Yoga is a meditation technique involving control over the body. One is to empty themselves as to arrive at their inner god. The problem with knowledge of the ancient writings is that they can only be explained by a Guru, you cannot just buy a copy, read it and know what it says. Our Bibles are meant to be understood, they are readily available in nearly every language in the world. The morality taught by our Lord is that we are to love our neighbors, Hindus believe that a person should be left to suffer because that is their karma. We meditate on the Scriptures to be filled up with the grace and love of our Lord, not to be emptied to the point of nothingness. Our salvation is far superior, because we know that we have everlasting life in heaven based upon our faith in the Lord Jesus as taught in the Bible.

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