Ask the Pastor 61

Was the flood a real event?

The Genesis record gives an account of Noah and his family building an ark and a world-wide flood. At the time of the flood there was a thick canopy that covered the earth and the earth was watered with fountains from beneath the earth. The water for the flood came when the canopy condensed and fell as heavy rain and the fountains of the deep burst upward like an underground sprinkling system bursting all of its pipes. This caused an upheaval of earth which has been seen in various locations around the globe. Noah and his 3 sons with their wives came out of the ark and then went out to re-populate the earth, which explains why so many people groups have a story of the flood in their history such as the Greeks, Hindus, Chinese, Mexicans, Algonquins and the Hawaiians. Then there is the question about the ark being big enough to have all those land and air breathing animals? Authorities on biological taxonomy estimate that there were less than 18,000 species that would need the ark to survive. But we will double that number to account for unknown species that have since become extinct and then double that number to account for there being two of each species which will equal 72,000 animals. The average size of the animals including dinosaurs was the size of a sheep. We know from the dimensions of the ark that it could hold as many as 125,000 sheep, which means that only 60% of the ark was needed for animals, the rest would be for food, air, and living quarters for the humans. The message for us today is that the second coming of our Lord will be during a time that is like the days before the flood (Luke 17:26-27). It is important to believe on the Lord Jesus today, because the time is running out and soon there will be a greater judgment than that of the flood.

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