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Ask the Pastor 73

Ask the Pastor 73

Was there really a Tower of Babel?

I was once going door to door with the gospel in North Omaha when a man asked if it were true that Black people were created on Friday the 13th because they were so unlucky. I explained to him that we all are descendants from the first man Adam and that the races of people actually came as a result of the dispersion of peoples by their tribes at the tower of Babel. The record of this great tower that was to reach up into the heavens to worship the heavens is recorded in Genesis chapter 11. When the Lord God saw what they were doing, He went down and confounded their language so that the people all separated from there each tribe according to their language. The division of the people groups is given to us in the table of nations in Genesis 10. That record in Genesis 10 is considered to be the most reliable and informative record of any piece of ancient literature. Also recorded in other ancient literature is the account of how one Ur Nammu, King of Ur from 2044 to 2007 received orders to build a great ziggurat (temple tower) to the moon god. Other records, have that the gods were offended and threw down what the men had built and scattered the people by making their speech strange. The Sumerian literature mentions in several places that at one time all of mankind had one language but a great event scattered the people abroad according to their different languages. When the people spread out from the tower of Babel according to their languages, they inbred and developed different physical characteristics from other people groups and tribes, consistent with the climate where they migrated. Not only did they take with them a certain language but they all took with them the religion of the tower of Babel. All ancient religions have the religion of Baal in common which comes from this tower of what became known as Bab El or “gate of god.” The only way in which all races can find true peace, harmony and unity is by faith in Christ where all are made one body in Him (Galatians 3:28).

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