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Ask the Pastor 76

What is a Christian Worldview?

The Christian worldview is based upon the teachings (doctrines) of the Bible. We begin with the premise that the Bible is the divinely inspired Word of God, that it is without error and immutable. It not only contains absolute truth; it is absolute truth. Therefore, we have an absolute standard by which we can frame our social construct of the five main institutions of a society i.e.; the family, religion, government, economics, and education. We call it the grid of Scripture, that all knowledge passes through the grid of Scripture enroute to wisdom. Therefore, when things like the theory of evolution in biology come up, we compare it with the doctrine of Scripture and find that it does not measure up and as we do more scientific research, we find that sure enough, it does not measure up with actual science. We can go through all the academic disciplines and find that the same thing holds true throughout. The Bible contains all that is needed for life and practice. But we might say that the Bible does not answer every little question, like what house should I buy? This is where a biblical world view comes into play, because of our world view, we have a basis for making our decisions. This basis for making decisions or we could say our base line is in the Bible which contains absolute truth. Therefore, we do not need to be concerned that what is true today may not be true tomorrow, but rather we know that truth is absolute regardless of the culture or the time period in history. Things are not just happening in some random, ever evolving mutation, but rather there is a design and purpose for everything under the sun. For a person to have a biblical world view, they need to believe the Bible which begins with believing on the Lord Jesus Christ.

Have questions about the Bible? Send them to Dr. Greg Koehn at and read the answer here in this article.

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