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Ask the Pastor 80

Is there anything more the Church can do in society?

In the last article we wrote of the necessity to preach the gospel to change society. There is something else that we do to impact society and that is to live out our sanctified lives. In Matthew 5 we read that we are to be salt and light in our world (vs 13-16). Salt is a preservative and an antiseptic; it aids in healing. The Church can act as an agent of healing and cleansing wounds, as well as preserving the moral character of a nation and passing on virtue from one generation to another. In the beginning the Lord God separated the light from the darkness, light in this spiritual context, is the truth that separates from all the lies going on in our world. Therefore, the Church ought to be seen as speaking the truth and standing for the truth that penetrates the darkness. The Church needs to be active in the realm of public debate. Paul began the evangelism of a certain city in the market place or the Agora and then went from there to what was known as the Areopagus or the mount where there would be a temple but was also the place for philosophical discussion. In other words, he worked in the places where there was open debate and discussion. In the same manner the Church needs to be in the places of debate and discussion with the understanding that the truth that we declare will lead us into the ultimate truth of the gospel. When people see our lives, the way we do business, our families, our care for one another and the way in which we treat others with grace and love, then they will not only hear our truth but they will see it lived out in our lives.

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