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Ask the Pastor 91

Is Evolution scientific?

At first glance this question may appear to be out of context with questions that have to do with the Bible and theology. Even though the Bible is primarily about how we can know God and how we can live with Him forever, it does contain scientific truth, also philosophy, history and on through both the soft and hard sciences. Such as “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1). This is the statement of the Bible about origins, that all things were created by an ultimate, intelligent cause. Evolutionist argue that nature has always existed, in the words of Carl Sagan, “The Cosmos is all that is or ever will be,”. There are also those who contend for an accidental coming together of the right kind of matter, gases, water and electricity at just the right temperature in a massive boom. From origins evolution continues with the evolving of species through natural selection from a lower simple form to a higher more complex form. A species that does not adapt, dies off. Let us note how this compares to science. The scientific method is based upon 7 steps: 1. Observation that creates a question; 2. Do research; 3. Create a Hypothesis; 4. Test the Hypothesis; 5. Analyze the data; 6. Repeat the test to confirm; 7. Present your results. Note the key here is observation and testing. Who was present when the universe came into existence to observe origins? Now as to the testing of the hypothesis, we have learned certain things: 1. The law of cause and effect that for every effect there is a cause that is greater than the effect. 2. That a living thing cannot come from a non-living. 3. That the simple does evolve into the more complex but rather that the complex breaks down into the simple, the laws of Thermodynamics. 4. That order never comes from chaos, but that order can break down into chaos. 5. That complexity comes from intelligent design and cannot come by chance. Basically, we have learned that evolution is a theory and not science and the best science still remains in the Bible.

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