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Is Religion Opposed to Science?

It is most unfortunate that we live in a time where unbelievers use a tactic where they make conclusions that are not based upon fact and then criticize believers for making those conclusions. One of these conclusions is that believers are opposed to science. This is not true, believers are opposed to bad science that is not really science. The founders of modern science were believers and were creationists, such as Kepler – Astronomy; Kelvin – Thermodynamics; Pascal – Hydrostatics; Newton -Physics; Pasteur – Bacteriology; Lister – Antiseptic surgery; Pascal – Hydrostatics etc. Science, by definition, is based upon knowing; such as operational science which studies how things normally function. There is usually no argument here, as operational science is empirical and it is what it is. The problem comes in when there are conclusions that are not consistent with the tests results or where the logic is full of holes, such as missing links. An even greater problem exists with origin science which makes conclusions without any observation i.e., who was there when the universe came into being? The only one who could have been there is the ultimate cause of all things, God. Therefore, believers agree with the law of cause and effect, the laws of thermodynamics and all of science which is based upon actual observed and empirical evidence. The basic premise of faith begins with the fact that there is a God, He created a world that is possible to study and that He has communicated the facts concerning Himself to mankind in terms that we can understand. The path to wisdom and knowledge is through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, “in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.”

(see Colossians 2:2-3).

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