Back to School or Not?

There have been questions as to whether or not to send our children back to school. I am not in a position to make that decision for anyone, however I can give some thoughts to consider and pray about while making that decision: (Note the quote at the P.S.)

1. Our lives and welfare are in the hands of the Lord. This does not give us license to be foolish, but it does give us confidence that ultimately all things are being worked out for our good. See Romans 8:28; II Timothy 1:7

2. Most often this virus does not affect children except with a sore throat and a fever . Under any other circumstances a fever and sore throat would mean stay in bed and get over it, (as per a nurse in an ER unit in New Jersey) perhaps get an antibiotic. As with everything there are exceptions. It is true that a child could pass it on to someone who could suffer more serious ailments. So it is still important for a child to wash often, especially hands and face. Historically, children have come in contact with many diseases and have developed an immunity and gone on with their lives.

3. It is important for children to socialize, this is as much a part of their education as anything else. Children need to be in school. (Home school proponents would debate that statement but that is another discussion) The schools are monitoring their activity and taking all precautions to prevent an outbreak. This includes the decision to open schools in the first place.

4. There are those who argue that to quarantine the entire population is harmful in that we are not able to develop an immunity to the many viruses, germs, bacteria etc. that are out there. Mankind was created to be in community, not quarantine.

5. Again, it is for each one and each family to make the decision for themselves. I am in no position to direct, I can only state certain considerations for prayer and thought and then it is for you all to be at peace with what the Lord directs you to do.

Yours by His Grace,

Pastor Greg

P.S. The following is taken from a statement made by the Mayo Clinic

While all children are capable of getting the virus that causes COVID-19, they don't become sick as often as adults. Children also rarely experience severe illness with COVID-19. Despite many large outbreaks around the world, very few children have died.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), among nearly 150,000 cases of COVID-19 in the U.S. between Feb. 12 and April 2, only about 2,500, or 1.7%, were in children. This is similar to what has been reported in other countries, such as China and Italy, that have had large outbreaks. Hospitalization rates for children have been much lower than for adults.

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